Old PC on Desk with Keyboard, mouse & monitor

Your old desktops are slowing you down

Those desktop computers you filled your office with 10 years ago may seem like a great investment, but they're slowly choking your business.

Security Risk

Security Risk

Old computers tend to run on outdated, often unsupported software that is unable to get the latest patches and security fixes. They languish in yesteryear, blissfully ignorant of the looming threat of malware, viruses and intrusions from hackers.

Reoccurring Problems

Windows Error Screen

Every time those old computers of yours slow you down or stop working completely, they cost you hundreds or thousands of dollars in lost productivity, I.T. support and frustration.  Not to mention missed deadlines and a host of other costs.

Missed Opportunity

Desk with Laptop

Your old desktop computers come from a bygone era.  One full of cubicles, where employees are boxed up in isolated spaces and the power of collaboration was yet to be discovered.

By replacing your old, tired desktops with newer laptops for your employees, you reduce the amount of clutter & cables in your office as well as the number of fail-points where issues can arise.  Additionally, making your team more mobile increases collaboration & productivity within the workplace, and allows them to work from home as well.