Introducing Glitches IT

Welcome to GLITCHES I.T. formerly Citrit IT. So what has changed? Well, to be honest, very little, and quite a bit! Our existing clients can still rely on the prompt, sage advice, service & support that they have grown accustomed to.


We're growing. In the coming months, you'll be seeing us adding to our team, expanding our services & improving how we communicate with you and your team.

We are always working on new technologies, processes & systems that will help your team communicate within your facility as well as with your clients & co-workers across the world.


GLITCHES I.T. is built around a new dedication to getting involved in your business. Your success is our success.  Our proactive approach to your systems, whether they be a home-based business, or a network spread across multiple facilities, helps us head-off issues before they arise, and protect you from lost data, lost time, and lost productivity.

By understanding your business, we can react to your growing needs and keep your operation running, find new efficiencies in your processes & keep ahead of your hardware requirements.


We also understand that the I.T world is a world full of acronyms, complex systems, difficult to comprehend technical details & constant upgrades, improvements and fixes.  We pledge to avoid, as much as possible, overwhelming our clients with "tech talk", and instead use common language that helps you understand your systems, and how changes to those systems will affect your business.